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You say "..H-hello??" quietly.. No response. Louder "..Hello??" The man jumps briefly and you hear "Huh-wha..??" He quickly turns and looks you dead in the eye. "Who, who are you?!? This is my home! I didn't invite you!" He is aggressive. Wat do? 

5 deviants said Say "Hey! I don't mean trouble.. I'-I'm lost.. I don't know how I ended up here!" Passive response.
3 deviants said Say "Hold on, calm down! I'm not here to hurt you.. Just looking for answers" Passive yet cautious.
3 deviants said Just start yelling really loudly. No reason behind it other than to intimidate him. Aggressive.
2 deviants said Back away, reach for the door and hopefully make a run for it. Passive, run away.
1 deviant said Yell "NO THIS IS MY HOME!" Proceed to jump him and hopefully get the advantage of surprise. Aggressive.
1 deviant said Say "I am a powerful wizard! I would not try anything hasty if I were you!" Lie, yet try to subdue the situation.


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Nov 24, 2014
9:26 am
Nov 24, 2014
8:39 am
Nov 23, 2014
4:57 pm
Nov 23, 2014
12:51 pm
Nov 23, 2014
9:23 am
Thought I would take a little moment to update everyone who was curious...

I had a great time! It's a pretty surreal experience to sit at a table next to prints of things you scribbled up in your free time.. And to have people you don't know come up to your table and throw compliments and money at you for them. It really is a humbling and great time! A lot of generous people stopped by my table and purchased prints and commissions from me! So to any of you who did, and managed to stop by my dA --- THANK YOU!!!! :D :D And to anyone else who stops by my dA, comments, favorites, or just glances --- THANK YOU!!! :D :D 

It's totally awesome to see people react to my work in such a positive manner! It really is encouraging!

Here's a picture of me staring at something, hiding behind my monitors at my table:

10669192 646584128792743 8220886557345746392 O by Rhunyc

Oh yeah, I brought my set-up to the table! People could stop and watch me while I worked on stuff, mainly commissions I had received at the table. The one in the picture is what became this: Anime_Fargo_Commission_Winry. ^^

Anyway, next in my life adventure is my upcoming move to Vancouver, Washington! Hopefully more art shenanigans will ensue!

Hope everything is going well with everyone! Thanks for reading!


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Brian Jackson
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hey, hi, ho there. My name is Brian, and I like to digitally paint for a hobby.

This page serves as a sort of log of my progress I've made so far as a digital artist.

I've made it a point to keep my very first works in my gallery, not as a painful reminder to myself, but more to show people how far you can go if you put your mind to something. If you believe in yourself, you have the ability to do whatever you want to do.

I am completely self-taught, with no formal education.

And as always, no matter how good of an artist you think you are, there is always room for improvement. You should not be afraid to work hard to achieve the things you desire.



Fierce Deity Link - REVAMP by Rhunyc
Fierce Deity Link - REVAMP

So I decided to re-paint that Fierce Deity Link I did a week or so ago, found here:

Fierce Deity Link by Rhunyc

I kept looking at it and feeling like that wasn't the mood I wanted to set for the piece, so I completely reworked the lighting in it.. Trying to work on my realistic lighting skills.

This is more along the lines of how I originally envisioned it.  Hope you guys dig it!

William 'B.J.' Blazkowicz by Rhunyc
William 'B.J.' Blazkowicz

So this is another entry to Jazza's challenge of the month contest over at NG. ^^…

Been playing The New Order lately, and it's been super amazing. Loving this rendition of B.J.

FUDGEPOPS page 3 by Rhunyc

Alright! Page 3 is here! 
I'm aware of the changing fonts. I'm trying to find one that I'm happy with, and I like this one because it's more of a traditional comic book font vibe.. That and punctuation works in this font. >_>

Keep in mind this is all testing and stuff, so once I settle on what works, I'll go back and modify the old files to make them all current and fix the errors. I'm planning on putting this up on different comic sites once I get more done.

But for now, enjoy this page and let me know what you think!

Like I said, this is a test run of sorts. :)

(Things I've been made aware of: text touching outside of bubbles, and space between text and bubbles)

(Previous: Fudgepops Page 2)

FUDGEPOPS Page 2 by Rhunyc
Thought it would be a fun challenge to do an actual comic book page.. using that previous image as the start of a potential story. This is what I came up with.. New to actually doing comics, so let me know on how readable it is and such. Feedback is good.

(Previous: Fudgepops)
(Next: FUDGEPOPS page 3)


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